We believe that it's not only your home but an experience.


Building is our passion. From the moment we make contact with a new customer to the final inspection of a newly built property, we feel a true sense of fulfillment in the work we do. We love the beauty of a new house, helping our clients realize their dreams and the profound satisfaction of working with our hands. Every house is unique, and an accomplishment to be admired.

Keeping It Small

Ashlar Home Builders is a small company of builders and designers who love working together to create beautiful masterpieces. We believe our small size makes communication easier and the home building process smoother overall. This helps speed our projects along and keeps our customers satisfied. We love to build houses because our customers truly appreciate our work, and we appreciate them.

We’ve Got the Experience

Time and experience have taught us how to do the work right. Our company founder, Mike Smiley, has over 15 years of experience building quality construction in the industry. Since he began the company, we’ve been a dedicated team with the skills it takes to build a house.

Love of Design

We’re in the business because we truly love building. Beauty, stability and strength is what it takes to create a quality custom construction home. We take deep pride in our ability to create something beautiful that will stand for decades, across generations.

Excellence In Customer Service

Building a home is just half the job. Working with people is the other half. Our clients expect more from us, and we happily deliver. We know that good customer service can be hard to find, and that’s what makes us stand out in our industry. Building a home is a partnership between the buyer and the builder, and we appreciate that partnership.

Contact Your Jacksonville Home Builder

As your Jacksonville home builder, we create elegant home designs. We’ll walk you through the process of building a house, from start to finish. To begin, contact us today for an initial consultation. We’re excited to get started on your home.

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