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Let’s say you’re ready to build your dream home but you haven’t found that perfect spot to start building on. Ashlar Home Builders offers pre-construction and consultation that will help you determine where to get your project started off right!

New Home BuildersWhile you think you have found a beautiful lot that’s ready to build on, there may be more to that property than meets the eye. Having one of our expert consultants walk a potential build site before you purchase will save money, time and unnecessary trouble. Our team looks out for unforeseen things on build sites such as cost of clearing land, home placements, drainage, sewage, utilities and more. Perhaps there is an underlying reason why that piece of property is priced the way it was.

Using our team to plan ahead of building can save years of aggravation and a lot of money. Schedule your free consultation with us today!

  • Jeremys Glenn
  • Green Cove Acreage
  • Magnolia Point
  • Middleburg Pool
  • St. Johns River