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You’ve dreamed of designing your own home and you’re ready to get started!  Custom home design is about more than just style preferences though. At Ashlar Home Builders, our custom design project begins with getting to know you and your lifestyle.  We start simple. Who will share the home with you? Then we talk wishes. What features, styles, and amenities spark your dreams?

We believe the most stunning designs develop from an intimate awareness of who you are—where you spend your time, how you share spaces and entertain, and who lives with you. A custom home is one that is thoughtfully designed from kitchen to bathroom and tailored to fit your unique needs and personality.

For many people, their custom home is their dream home, and so it’s their last home.  After getting initial ideas, it’s time to talk about the future. Do you plan on having children or inviting aging parents to live with you? Should we consider the day grand kids will visit or is this your quiet retreat away from it all?  These discussions are essential to design the perfect home that will fit and fulfill your needs for years to come.

Now the fun begins and our design team goes to work! We have a unique passion and talent for turning creative visions into remarkable realities. And who better to build your home than the company who designed it?  Let Ashlar Home Builders bring your dream home to life.  Schedule a consultation with us today and let us show you why you should trust Ashlar Home Builders with your dreams.

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